E. A. Dykker Service ApS - We are the top at the bottom

E. A. Dykker Service ApS performs all types of work under- and over the water.

Concrete casting (underwater castings)

The protection and securing of the bottom in a harbor or by a berth is necessary to make sure the berth want collapse because of the unstable sand it is attached to. Every time a ship is sailing back and forth through the harbor the sand will be undermined. The concrete is pumped through a large pipeline to the shape which is constructed under water. The concrete have to be very coherent and comprehensive to make sure the underwater currents want demolish the cement glue away from stone and sand.

E.A. Dykker Service ApS are the most experienced company in Denmark working with this type of projects. The last time E.A. Dykker Service ApS work with this type of project was in Hirtshals in January 2018. In the project only they pumped more than 884 cubic meters of concrete in 30 centimeters thickness.

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Mouniting anodes on both docks and ships

We mount cathodic protection by aluminum anodes on dock, and zinc anodes on ships. By doing this we extends the life of quays, wharfs and ships because of the corrosion protection of both docks and ships. The anodes should be changed approximately every tenth year, but it vary a lot from project to project so make sure to get an inspection now and then.

We are collaborating with the company Pocos and they are measuring the potentials and making the measurements of the need for every ship and dock. The last project we work on with this type of work was in Esbjerg Harbor, where we from January to May in 2018 mounted 700 anodes.

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Mounting and repairing on wharfs and bridges

We often work with concrete castings, mounting of anodes and plate work, when repairing on bridges and wharfs. In 2016 we mounted fenders on the Sallingsundbro for protection of the piles from whips. We also worked on five ferry berths in Stockholm with destinations in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Gotland and Lithuania in the years between 2014 and 2017. 

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Every task that concerns welding and cutting in nearly all material

It is mostly under water welding and cutting, but if it is necessary we also carry out those tasks on land. Under water welding is performed in projects where we are mounting anodes, making concrete castings and so forth. We will therefor in nearly every project being either welding or cutting under water.

We are using the products of the well recommended company Broco when we are doing under water cutting. We are also Broco dealer.

In the project in Stockholm from 2014-2017 did we burned holes for the stretch, anchor bolts and burned holes in the bung to pipe outlet.

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Leveling operations when installing the windmill, caissons, lighthouses and L-elements

Leveling operations are we often doing when we are building new port facilities, docks and harbors or making a new windmill park. We have basically work with this at various windmill parks and when constructing port facilities. The project called Rødsand II in 2009 we were doing all the leveling operations for the windmill park – which means 700 square meters “ralpuder” for the windmill fundament. 93 windwills were mounted at that time. 

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We also perform

  • Control and video inspection of cable work, etc.
  • Digging of cables.
  • Demolition of pipelines.
  • Demolition work.
  • Erosion protection with gabions and tiles.
  • Salvage
  • Video inspection of ships, fleets and drilling platforms.
  • Great experience in underwater work in the North Sea and Skagerak.